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Your wedding ceremony is all about you and your partner. So take time planning your ceremony to reflect the love you have for each other. But if you want to create a more meaningful ceremony for both of you, embrace the things that make your partnership unique and celebrate them with your friends and family. So, what can you include to make your marriage ceremony more meaningful and memorable? 


Forget the formula

You may like to include some wedding traditions, such as walking down the aisle. But, this is your wedding, you can include what you want, both old and new traditions. You can tweak or replace them to make them work for you. So, ask yourself, what does your ceremony look like? 


Include personal stories

“Personal stories are the heart of the ceremony and make it the most meaningful, enjoyable and memorable. Without this element, it becomes a lot of words with little impact.” Celebrant from Celebrant Aotearoa

Throughout the ceremony, include personal stories about you and your partner. For example, the celebrant could tell your guests why you chose a song, reading, flowers or colour scheme. Let your guests be fully immersed in the importance of the details so they can celebrate them with you.


Include loved ones

There are many roles where you can include loved ones in the ceremony. And if you don’t know what role they will play, make one up! When you ask loved ones to be involved, it is something that they will never forget either. So, think of the people (or pets) who are important in your life, and how can you get them to play a role in your ceremony?


Choose music that you like

The music sets the tone for the wedding. So make sure to include a range of songs you and your partner love. Here are a few ideas on how to incorporate them: 

  1. Choose songs your partner loves to help them relax as they wait for you to walk up the aisle.
  2. Do an instrumental version of the song if the words aren’t suitable for a wedding ceremony.
  3. Get a friend to play or sing a song that you love.
  4. Once the wedding ceremony is finished, choose a fun song to walk down the aisle together.
  5. For more music ideas for your wedding ceremony, read our blog here.


Choose a celebrant you connect with

Finding a celebrant who works well with you and your partner is important. A celebrant can help you plan your ceremony, give you ideas on how to add your personal touches and create a bespoke ceremony that allows you to incorporate your personality. Celebrants Aotearoa have a range of celebrants all around New Zealand who can make your ceremony meaningful. 


Write your own vows

The vows let you share your love and promises for your future in your own words, through personal stories and meaningful words. Let them be your own words and not those found on the internet. No stories and words are better than your own. Read our blog on “Writing Your Wedding Vows in 6 Simple Steps” for more tips on what to include when writing your vows.


Include cultural traditions or symbolic rituals

Include any cultural traditions or symbolic activities that hold meaning to you. For example, there are a range of symbolic activities that you could include in your ceremony to signify the love you have for each other and the commitment you are about to make. Some rituals include Ring Warming, Unity Candle Ceremony, Sand Ceremony, Handfasting and Stone Ritual.


Have the ceremony in a meaningful place

Is there a place that holds meaning for you and your partner? Then, holding your ceremony at that place, if allowed, will make it all the more special. Just remember, if you plan to have it in a public place in New Zealand, seek permission from the local council or land owners.


Keep it small and personal

The one thing that COVID taught us is that small weddings create a more personal and meaningful ceremony allowing you to celebrate your love in front of the people who truly matter in your life. Then, after the small ceremony, celebrate with all your friends and family at a larger wedding reception.


Finally, have fun!

“There is no such thing as perfect. Go with the flow in the day and embrace whatever happens.” Celebrant from Celebrant Aotearoa

This is your special day, so go out there and enjoy it! 

However you choose to personalise your wedding ceremony, contact a celebrant from Celebrants Aotearoa to help you plan a bespoke ceremony that allows you to incorporate your personality and style to create a truly memorable day.