The primary focus of members of Celebrants Aotearoa is the creation and delivery of meaningful ritual and ceremony, the quality of which will always be enhanced by ongoing professional development, and reflective practice. Members also agree to operate within a framework, consisting of a Code of Ethics and a set of Professional Standands.

In many professions, an initial qualification following a period of training is required. However, being a Celebrant differs in that training is not currently mandatory.

While aspiring Celebrants often come with a skillset favouring success as a celebrant, Celebrants Aotearoa positively recommends the celebrant training available from the two providers in New Zealand and encourages all members to continue their growth as Celebrants, through continued learning, reflection on their Celebrant practise, and structured professional development.

The VCANZ framework was established by Celebrants Aotearoa - at the request of members, to support and recognise ongoing personal and professional development by experienced Celebrants.



To give Celebrants a chance to demonstrate their experience and commitment to ongoing professional development, and to the provision of services of the highest possible professional standard.



  • You can become a Validated member of Celebrants Aotearoa through participation in the VCANZ programme.
  • Celebrants Aotearoa members who achieve this validation can carry the letters VCANZ after their name.
  • The choice to participate in VCANZ is voluntary.

Helen O’Shaughnessy is hosting quarterly online VCANZ workshops specifically designed for those who have not yet submitted and want to learn more about the process. There are many helpful resources and supports in place to assist you.

In attaining VCANZ, you are entitled to use the VCANZ logo for four years. In marketing and self-promotion, VCANZ is a valuable accreditation to have, something the general public and vendors are beginning to appreciate.

Only Validated members of Celebrants Aotearoa can officiate at Registry Ceremonies [application via DIA and BDM] as it does take certain skills and experience to repeatedly adhere to the very strict conditions of a Registry Ceremony. While we acknowledge the opportunity for additional income from Registry Ceremonies, it is not the primary purpose for which the VCANZ framework was designed. 


VCANZ RENEWALS [Every 4 years]

In the VCANZ renewal process, your competency is not in question, that is assumed through your previous experience and training. Four years further on in your Celebrant journey, it is not an unreasonable request of a professional Celebrant, to document more recent educational experiences, further skills acquisition, and thoughtful reflections on a small number of ceremonies, and submitting them as part of your VCANZ renewal process.

Success enables you to continue to use the VCANZ logo for another four years, write VCANZ after your name and be a Registry Celebrant should you choose to do so. You can feel proud to be among the 185+ (and growing) Celebrants Aotearoa members who currently have VCANZ status.


Supervision for Celebrants Aotearoa celebrants

As a Celebrants Aotearoa celebrant, we encourage you to take engage in supervision as required. This can be can be invaluable part of your professional practice and self-care. Learn more about what this means on the supervision page under 'Member Resources'
Are you a qualified and experienced supervisor? If you are interested in offering 'practice supervision' to celebrants; please download this document to understand the requirements for applicants and the process through which to apply

Presenters bio and workshop information

Have you been asked to complete a Presenters Bio and workshop information? If so, please download this Presenters bio and workshop template document.