All members of Celebrants Aotearoa operate within a framework, consisting of a Code of Ethics and a set of Professional Standards.

All Celebrants Aotearoa members are encouraged to undertake systematic and structured learning throughout their careers to ensure that they continually maintain and enhance their knowledge and skills to improve the quality of service they offer.

To support the professional development of members, Celebrants Aotearoa has recognised the qualifications of two New Zealand training providers, The Celebrant School and The Celebrant Training College. Both are Celebrants Aotearoa approved training providers.

Celebrants Aotearoa offers validation of members through the VCANZ programme. This is a structured recognition of celebrant training, experience and professional development.

Celebrants Aotearoa members who achieve this validation will carry the letters VCANZ after their name.

Celebrants Aotearoa undertakes to the best of its ability to promote quality celebrant services and the VCANZ programme is an integral part of that. However the ultimate responsibility for delivering a professional service lies with the individual celebrant.

If you are planning to submit a VCANZ, Lynne Greer is hosting quarterly online VCANZ workshops specifically designed for those who have not yet submitted and want to learn about the process. You can learn more from the Events page. (NOTE: you will need to be logged into the website as a member to access the workshops via the events page.)

Supervision for Celebrants Aotearoa celebrants

As a Celebrants Aotearoa celebrant, we encourage you to take engage in supervision as required. This can be can be invaluable part of your professional practice and self-care. Learn more about what this means on the supervision page under 'Member Resources'
Are you a qualified and experienced supervisor? If you are interested in offering 'practice supervision' to celebrants; please download this document to understand the requirements for applicants and the process through which to apply

Presenters bio and workshop information

Have you been asked to complete a Presenters Bio and workshop information? If so, please download this Presenters bio and workshop template document.