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Wedding vows are used to express love, promise and commitment between a couple. They’re the special words that unite you and represent your future together. Writing your own wedding vows is a way to personalise this special time in your life. A chance to speak from the heart.

Here are 6 steps that can help you find the right words to say when writing your wedding vows.

  1. Start with a statement that describes who the person is that you’re marrying. Your best friend. Your lover. Your partner. Say what it is you love about this person. What you miss most when they’re not around. Focus on the things that really stand out for you about this person.
  2. Tell a story that makes your promises to each other more meaningful, something memorable and important to you both.
  3. Say what it is you’re promising to each other, specific ways you will show your love – whether it’s romantic or funny, the little things that only the two of you can understand.
  4. Personalise your promise to show your love and devotion, the joy you feel.
  5. Mention things you will do together or accomplish as a couple, even when things get rough or the way forward seems uncertain.
  6. End with a promise about your future together, your goals and aspirations as a couple.

NZ Wedding Celebrant, Rochelle Fleming, has a few more tips to share in her blog post, as well as a beautiful example of wedding vows that you could adapt as your own.

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