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(If you are not logged in, you will be asked to login first, or create a login if you have not already done this!) Once logged in, you will then need to:

  1. Complete the 'Members Application' form 
  2. Read the Celebrants Aotearoa Code of Ethics and Professional Standards and complete the Celebrants Aotearoa Code of Ethics and Professional Standards test in the application, and
  3. Agree to a number of important statements
  4. Press submit.
  5. Once you have submitted your application, you will be sent an invoice which will require immediate payment. Once your payment has been processed (during working hours) you will be advised and your membership will be activated. 


Join New Zealand’s leading association of professional celebrants and access our fantastic range of member benefits. 

  • We understand your desire to be the best celebrant you can be and it’s our role to help you get there. As a Celebrants Aotearoa member we support you to provide your clients with the highest quality service possible. Do check out all the member benefits (below) which you gain access to as a member of Celebrants Aotearoa
  • Joining Celebrants Aotearoa is a wonderful opportunity to connect with professionals from all streams of celebrancy, expand your contacts, and learn new skills. 
  • Celebrants Aotearoa membership adds value to your celebrancy business, providing assurance to your clients that you are qualified to provide meaningful ceremonies backed up by the Celebrants Aotearoa code of ethics and professional standards.

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I enjoy the E-newsletter, good structure with active branches, it's well organised, good relationship with BDM, representing the interests of celebrants with BDM and elsewhere if relevant, conferences and education forums, feeling as though we're all part of a big family of celebrants, code of ethics, great website and search engine optimisation. - Philippa Jamieson

I like the regular contact with members, good resources, and advice. - Sherilyn Hellier

I felt very supported by my [CANZ] peers during the VCANZ process, those I approached were very helpful. CANZ I have noticed have increased there on line presence which is great to see. I like to know that I have the contact and presence of CANZ should I need it. - Suzanne Marie Panter

Member’s Benefits:

  • Opportunities for professional development, education and mentoring at conferences and workshops, in-person and online
  • Networking with other celebrants through branch activities in your area
  • Informative newsletter updates
  • Promotional listing on the Celebrants Aotearoa website
  • Permission to use the Celebrants Aotearoa logo on your BDM listing
  • Membership of the ‘Celebrants Aotearoa National Education Events’ Facebook Group and private Celebrants Aotearoa chat for sharing ideas and resources
  • Access to our Member’s Resources 
  • Celebrants Aotearoa Public Liability Insurance Protection

As a newbie I [joined CANZ because I] wanted to engage with others and attend local training. I wanted to be with the professional body that is recognised across the country. - Ashleigh Carlyle

I like that CANZ has regular monthly meetings and is also ready to support if one has questions. - Barbara Harding

The regular communication is excellent and I get a lot out of the group Facebook page. - Carey Frost

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At $210 inc GST from 1 April, 2022, that’s less than three cups of coffee every month!

This is fantastic value for money. Our member discounts and public liability insurance protection alone provide an immediate return on your investment. Add your other benefits and there’s no doubt about the value of joining. 

Our members tell us it is 100% worth it! 

To join, simply click on the button below and fill in the application form (which will include an ethics test) and we will be notified of your application, and send you a subscription invoice. Do note, if you are not logged in, you will be asked to do so first!

Once we’ve completed your application process, we will send you a Welcome Pack and letter from our President. The Celebrants Aotearoa branch closest to you will be advised of your new membership. Branches do try to contact new members as able, but we encourage you to participate in your branch meetings, join Celebrants Aotearoa Chat on Facebook and your branch's Facebook page. Make your membership worth its while by taking advantage of all Celebrants Aotearoa has to offer, and a warm welcome to you.


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CANZ has great communication with emails and newsletters and conference opportunities. - Glennys Logan

CANZ advocates for celebrants, and provides great information and a profile for celebrants where prospective clients can find us. - Marianne Farrell

What I think CANZ does well: Supporting celebrants, promoting professionalism within its membership, maintaining high standards including ethical standards and cultural respect and sensitivity. Encouraging cooperation and exchange of ideas and experience amongst it's membership. I find the CANZ Website particularly useful. - Marion Peck

Become a VCANZ accredited celebrant

Only Celebrants Aotearoa members are eligible to apply to become a VCANZ Accredited Celebrant, a great opportunity to further demonstrate your commitment to providing services of the highest professional standard. 

Accreditation also adds legitimacy and credibility to your celebrancy offerings and assures your clients you are providing a high quality service backed up by the Celebrants Aotearoa code of ethics and professional standards.  

As a member of Celebrants Aotearoa you have the opportunity to show evidence of ongoing professional development in all aspects of celebrancy through the VCANZ program. Once you have achieved VCANZ you are entitled to carry the letters VCANZ after your name on all your collateral. You are also then able to apply to BDM to officiate registry weddings in your city or region. VCANZ members may also be added to our list of Presenters.


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