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Celebrating Christmas After Losing a Loved One

While the festive season is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, for those who’ve recently bereaved – and even those mourning years of loss - holidays can simply compound the grief felt over losing a loved one.

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Shayne Elliot

Shayne Elliott, National Executive

I’ve been a wedding celebrant for 5 years and enjoy the planning with every couple and bringing the wedding together on the day. It’s so rewarding when there are happy tears and smiles/laughs all round.

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Top 10 Wedding Reading Ideas

Wedding ceremony readings are a special way to personalise your wedding ceremony. Here is an array of beautiful wedding readings we love to include in wedding ceremonies.

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A Guide to Naming Ceremonies

Celebrate the newest member of your family by gathering together with family and friends in a naming ceremony. This is your chance to formally introduce your new family member – whether a new baby, an adopted family member, or an older step-child.

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Why is a Funeral Important?

Funeral ceremonies serve a number of purposes: they acknowledge that someone we love has died, provide a chance to say goodbye, a time to offer support and be supported by family and friends, a reflection of hope and continuity for the living, and a chance to contemplate the meaning of life and death.

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5 Summer Wedding Tips

It’s no secret that summer is the most popular time of the year for weddings. If you’re planning a summer wedding, take a look at these essential do’s and don’ts to ensure your summer wedding planning is straightforward and stress-free.

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Using Your New Zealand Documents Overseas

If you get married in New Zealand and return overseas, or one or both partners are not New Zealanders, depending on your domicile country, you may need to get your marriage certificate apostilled or authenticated.

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Planning a Wedding Post COVID-19

Are you stuck in a holding pattern because of the pandemic, unsure whether to go ahead with your dream wedding for fear it may have to be cancelled? If so, you’re not alone. Many couples have been forced to decide between postponing or even cancelling their wedding, or going ahead with a much smaller ceremony.

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Meet Joanne Smith, VCANZ National Executive

There's been a lot of change to the national executive committee this year; to help you get to know the members a little better, each month we'll present a profile so you know who's working behind the scenes for you. This month we're happy to introduce you all to Jo.

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5 Reasons to Renew Your Wedding Vows

Whether you’ve been married for years or are newly-wed – have you thought about renewing your wedding vows?

A vow renewal ceremony is a way to express your ongoing love and commitment to each other, and to perhaps celebrate this with some of the important people in your lives.

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Farewelling Loved Ones During Lockdown

Lockdown restrictions have meant finding new ways to grieve and connect from a distance.

Around the world and right here in New Zealand, celebrants are helping families farewell loved ones using online technology like Zoom or Facetime.

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