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In simple terms, celebrants conduct formal ceremonies in the community. The most popular of these is a marriage, but celebrants can also conduct other ceremonies like baby naming, renewal of vows, and funerals. 

The role of a celebrant is so much more than simply officiating though. Essentially, celebrants bring the community together, be it at a wedding celebrating a couple’s love, or at a funeral honouring a loved one’s passing.

Take a look at this comprehensive list of ceremonies that celebrants can facilitate:

(In alphabetical order)

Anniversaries - An opportunity to celebrate and remember past events.

Awards - Recognition of achievement.

Blessings - Secular recognition of a place or event.

Birthdays - Honouring the milestones for any age.

Burial of the Placenta – This can be incorporated with a Naming Ceremony

Civil Union - This ceremony may be entered into by couples of the same sex or by couples of the opposite sex and requires legal documents to be signed in the presence of two witnesses and a Registered Civil Union Celebrant.

Cleansing - Cancellation of the past and celebration of new beginnings.

Coming of Age - Recognition of transition from childhood to youth, youth to adulthood e.g. 18th/21st.

Commitment - An alternative to marriage/civil union in which the couple pledge themselves to each other.

Compeering - Facilitation of events.

Croning (honouring of age) - Transition to the golden age of wise womanhood - only attended by women.

Divorce - Separation and new beginnings, alone or with friends and family.

Engagement - A declaration of intent to marry.

Farewell (resignations, overseas) - Well-wishing upon departure.

Funerals - The funeral ceremony may take any form, anytime, anywhere. The Funeral Director will assist with the organisation however you are free to choose the Celebrant.

Interment/Scattering of Ashes - This is one form of closure at a later date following the funeral.

Launching - Bestowing of name and good wishes on boats, etc.

Matariki – The Maori celebration of the rising of the Pleiades and the New Year

Memorial - A service of remembrance.

Men’s Ceremonies – Special ceremonies for men.

Name Giving - An alternative to a christening in a secular framework.

Pets/Animals - Appropriate farewell ceremonies.

Planning a Funeral Ceremony - Your advance wishes may be registered with a Celebrant who will assist and advise you to ensure your wishes are carried out.

Planting - Recognition of seasons, can also be included as a ritual in a Naming or wedding.

Promotions - Recognising the new challenges and opportunities of advancement.

Renewal of Vows - An opportunity to reaffirm the relationship in an updated context.

Retirement - An opportunity to honour and farewell significant service as well as welcome new beginnings.

Reunions - Celebrating the gathering together of business/club/group members for any purpose.

Reunions - Celebrating the gathering together of family/club/group members for any purpose.

Seasonal – Marking the seasonal cycles

Same Sex - This ceremony of commitment reinforces partnerships between two people of the same sex, but is not legally recognised as is a Civil Union Ceremony.

Unveiling - The ultimate closure one year after the event, where a permanent

Weddings - This ceremony requires a Registered Marriage Celebrant, and may be performed at any time of the day/night on any day of the year at any venue. The ceremony requires legal documents to be signed in the presence of two witnesses and a Registered Marriage Celebrant.

Women’s Ceremonies – Special ceremonies for women

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