Autumn Wedding Planning

Planning your big day during wedding off-season is a good idea, as it gives you easier and faster access to vendors.

Before you plan all the details and book your venue and vendor visits, think - what kind of wedding do you want? Something big, something small, something bigger than big? An elopement with just a couple of witnesses, a micro wedding with up to 40 guests, or a traditional wedding with 50 - 200 guests. There is beauty in each of these options.

Once you’ve decided the best option for the two of you - time to get planning!

WHERE: Local or destination wedding. Book a venue visit.

WHEN: If you’re planning a couple of years in advance, you may be able to determine the date. Otherwise, it generally comes down to venue availability. Also, weekday weddings are becoming more popular. Get married on a Thursday? Yes, please!

WHO: How many people are you inviting? Start on a list. Once you’ve chosen your bridal party, think of some creative ways of asking them to be by your side.

PLANNER: Will you enlist the services of a great wedding planner to help you organise your wedding, or rely on your own knowledge and research?


  • Celebrant: The person who makes it official and stands up there with you - so choose a good one, rather than a cheap one! Perhaps you’ve seen a celebrant at another wedding - always a great way to know what they’re really like. The Celebrants Aotearoa directory is a great place to start. Check the individual celebrant’s website or social media for videos or to gauge their vibe. 
  • Photographer/Videographer: You want to book an excellent photographer, who won’t miss the most important moments! Check their Instagram for details of their work. 
  • Clothing: What are you two going to wear? Remember shoes, too.
  • Caterer: What kind of food would you like to feed your guests? 
  • Cake: The masterpiece at your reception. Check Instagram for their previous work.
  • Flowers: Fresh, dried, faux or a mix? You might be fresh all the way, but you have a choice! 
  • Hair and beauty: One of the very important vendors you want to book early - because they book out fast, and you want to look your best! 
  • Entertainment: From pre-ceremony music, through to dancefloor music at the reception. It sets the atmosphere for your day - so you want it to be awesome!
  • Jewellery: Whether it’s for your rings or jewellery as gifts, there is plenty of choice here in Aotearoa.
  • Transport: Wanting to get some photos with a view or to arrive at your wedding in style? We have your transport by air options covered. Or needing to get your guests to your out-of-town wedding safely?
  • Signage and stationery: From invitations to welcome signs and seating charts.

These are the main things you want to consider for your wedding. Everything else is up to you and the points of difference you’d like to make on your big day - the latter of which we’ll cover next month.

Until then - make the most of the wedding off-season to get started on your planning!