A day in the life of celebrant Anke Buhrfeindt

How long have you been a celebrant for?

I've been a celebrant since 2008.

Why did you become a celebrant?

bringing together all previous life and work experiences, needing a new occupation going through a divorce and settling in NZ on my own

What involvement do you have or had with CANZ at a branch or national level?

Southern Branch organising this year's Conference in Dunedin

What ceremonies do you perform?

Weddings, Commitment, Namings, Funerals

What do you enjoy about being a celebrant?

I enjoy creating ceremonies and meeting lots of different people.

What are some of the hardest parts of being a celebrant?

Having lived on the Coromandel until December 21, I often felt isolated and missed networking. That is no longer the case since I moved to Dunedin.

What was the most memorable ceremony you have performed?

Can't really think of just one standing out... must have done close to 400 by now; for me personally, though, both naming ceremonies for my own grandchildren in the UK (2009 and 2012) were really special :)

What would be your typical day as celebrant? 

I have no "typical" day; I am no longer as busy as I was on the Coromandel and so my routine is dictated by other things now as well

What advice do you have for someone new to the industry?

be organised and precise... I have seen a lot of mistakes with paperwork from couples, but also authorities handling them, both in NZ and Germany (serving many German speaking couples)

How do you like to relax?

friends, hobbies... I am 70 now and slowing down a little, keeping weddings to a certain number ...