Music Pals vs Pros

Music: Pals vs Pros

We all know how awesome it is to have music pumping at your reception to get everyone in the party mood. Kineta Booker chatted with Mike Tait from Pulse Entertainment about the benefits of hiring a music professional for your big day.

Hiring a professional to take care of ceremony music vs enlisting a pal to press play.

Asking a friend to ‘press play’ on Spotify through a Bluetooth speaker can work, however, be aware of these common issues that may arise: 

  • Is cell phone reception going to be an issue at the ceremony location? 
  • Will the song play from the device without cutting out? 
  • What happens if the song doesn’t play at all? 
  • Is the phone charged and connected to the speaker properly? 
  • Is the speaker big enough to be heard in a large space? 
  • Does the friend know when to start the song? 
  • Do they play the whole song, or stop it; and if so, do they know when?

The benefit of hiring a professional to support with the music for the ceremony goes far beyond just pressing play on a playlist or special song. Having a professional onsite, with professional audio equipment set up and ready to welcome the guests to the ceremony location with soft, romantic or even instrumental music playing settles guests in and sets the tone for the rest of the day. Having a professional that can work in with your other vendors is invaluable. 

Hiring a music support provider means a couple can have confidence knowing they have a professional on board who attends wedding ceremonies regularly and understands the timings, and knows when to start, stop, fade or extend a song. They can add or remove music if the bridal party arrives early or late, and they have the knowledge and equipment to fade out the bridal progressional song in a clean and seamless way as the couple stand together at the front of the ceremony. 

Finish this sentence: You know it's been a good wedding musically when ...

The couple steps over to sign the marriage paperwork and I look around at the guests, at the couple’s friends and family, and I see their smiles … and tears … you can see it on their faces, the song and moment has hit the right emotion perfectly. And of course when the bar has just closed, the night is just finishing up and the guests are still crowding on the dance floor chanting, ‘One more song … one more song!’

All moments of a wedding day require thought, and music plays a key part in the entire energy and atmosphere of the day. Hiring and having an experienced and knowledgeable music professional makes a huge difference and gives the couple true peace of mind that their day will flow perfectly. Not to mention the energy and emotion the right music brings! 

Key music moments

  • Music as guests arrive at the ceremony
  • Aisle song
  • Signing of the register
  • Ceremony celebration/exit song
  • The canapé hour as guests are mingling
  • The reception entry song
  • The bridal party entering the reception
  • Cutting the cake
  • Dinner music
  • First dance
  • The bouquet toss
  • The last song of the night