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Finding ways to memorialise your loved one can provide some measure of peace and comfort in a time of sadness.  

A living memorial is not only emotionally beneficial, it’s good for our planet too. These tangible ideas provide a physical focus to commemorate a loved one’s life while helping to sustain and improve life on our planet. Here are some our favourite ways to create a living memorial.

Plant a tree

This is a beautiful way to give back to the environment while creating a living memorial that will continue to grow in the years ahead. It establishes a physical location in which you can go to grieve, remember, pray or meditate. Choose a tree that has special significance for you and your family, or contact an organisation like Trees that Count to plant a native tree in memory of your loved one, while making a direct positive impact on the environment.

Keepsake seeds

In some cultures, it’s tradition to gift a small keepsake or token to all who attend the memorial service. Things like bookmarks, photos, or charms are popular. Seed packets or seed paper cards are another fitting idea for a keepsake. Guests can take home the seeds and plant them in memory of your loved one, creating a beautiful and meaningful memorial keepsake.

Eternal Reef

A US based company has created a unique living memorial combining ash scattering and burial at sea into a meaningful and permanent environmental celebration of life. The Eternal Reef is a reef system created from individual, environmentally safe reef balls containing cremains that are placed on the ocean floor to create new artificial marine habitats for sea life. The reef balls help sustain the oceans and provide a life source to its inhabitants. 

Saying goodbye

One of the hardest decisions that families have to make is deciding on the right way to farewell a loved one. But when it comes to saying goodbye to someone you’ve lost, there is no right or wrong way. All it really needs is family and friends gathering together to celebrate that person’s life.

To plan a living memorial ceremony that honours your loved one, contact CANZ. Our celebrants are experienced at facilitating these types of ceremonies and can help you plan a living memorial that is a celebration of your loved one’s life.