Anna Flanagan Celebrant

A day in the life of Anna Flanagan

  1. How long have you been a celebrant for?

    I was appointed a Celebrant in August 2020 
  2. Why did you become a celebrant?

    It was a natural choice for me, driven by a desire to offer an inclusive experience to all couples. With my experience in corporate presentations and public speaking, becoming a Celebrant allowed me to blend these skills with my dream job! It's been a fulfilling journey combining my professional skills with a meaningful role in people's lives. 
  3. What involvement do you have or had with CANZ at a branch or national level?

    I joined in on CANZ workshops early on in my Celebrancy journey and found them to be very rewarding! But you only get out what you put in, so I joined the Canterbury Branch committee, as the Membership & Meetings Host. Last year I was honoured to be elected to the National Executive, and currently hold the Social Media and Conference 2025 portfolios. 
  4. What ceremonies do you perform?

    I perform Weddings, Registry Ceremonies, Vow Renewals, and Naming Ceremonies. 
  5. What do you enjoy about being a celebrant?

    Meeting couples, and their nearest and dearest people! I love guiding couples through one of the most exciting days of their lives. It’s a special privilege to be able to officiate a wedding and helping couples navigate all the emotions that goes with that. 
  6. What are some of the hardest parts of being a celebrant?

    It’s difficult to say goodbye! I am emotionally invested in a couples wedding and delivering a perfect ceremony, so saying goodbye at the end is tricky! 
  7. What was the most memorable ceremony you have performed?

    I performed a barefoot, grounded, soul filled ceremony, including a smoke ceremony blessing and it was magic. Everything about it was new to me, and I researched heavily. It felt very grounding and deeply moving. 
  8. What would be your typical day as celebrant? 

    A good, scrambled egg breakfast is a great start!  

    I have my ceremony ready on both my iPad and my Kindle, not just for backup, but also in case of glary sunny days. I’ll read through the ceremony out loud 2-3 times, then when I’m happy with it, I’ll package up my Celebrant kit, with paperwork, speaker and microphone and a handy wee kit of essentials like plasters, bulldog clips, stickers for little ones, sewing kit, hairspray and spare clips and so on.  

    Then I’ll get dressed and ready in my outfit that complements but doesn’t match or overpower the wedding party! I pop it all into my Love Bug (VW Beetle) and head off to the venue nice and early to get set up, sound check and chat with other vendors and the venue, and help couples settle their nerves. 

    If I’m MCing as well, I’ll have my run sheet printed and check in with everyone who has a role and keep everything on track during the day.  

    My evenings are spent meeting with couples, and attending webinars, and CANZ meetings. 

  9. What advice do you have for someone new to the industry?

    Collaborate with others, industry wide! We all have something special to offer, and it’s important to embrace our differences. Celebrancy is an ongoing learning opportunity, and you’ll change how you do things along the way. 

  10. How do you like to relax?

    I’m an “active relaxer”! You’d most likely find me playing with our dogs, hanging out with my (incredibly supportive) Hubby, or my children; or heading off on a road trip and the occasional holiday.