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10 Date Ideas For Married People

According to many marriage counsellors and relationship experts, keeping up ‘dating’ your partner after you get married is one of the best ways to keep your relationship growing.

We’ve put together 10 date ideas and encourage you to give them a go with your husband or wife over the next few months.

  1. Take An Art Class Together

    A quick google search should bring up the local classes in your area. Whether it’s painting, pottery or even dried floral arrangements, taking an artistic class together can be a great way to relax while creating something special with your someone special.

  2. Challenge Each Other to a Tournament

    It might be mini golf, it might be bowling – whatever it is, settle in for an afternoon of fun (and maybe a side of friendly competition!) Make it a bit more interesting, and place bets on the outcome, loser has to give a massage.

  3. Take a Staycation in Your City!

    We get it, sometimes squeezing in travel can be hard amongst everything else we have going on but, a staycation (a vaction in your own city) can be a great way to stay in a hotel overnight, explore a new restaurant and wake up in a beautiful room where the chores aren’t begging to be done.
  4. Pack a Picnic and Take a Road Trip

    A great way to break up your usual routine and liven things up is a roadtrip. Stop and enjoy the change of scenery, and listen to your fave music or catch up on each others lives for the car ride.

  5. Draw Sketches of Each Other

    If you have kids, sometimes it can be hard to get out of the house for a date night, so why not bring the date to your home! Head along to your local Kmart or Warehouse and grab a couple of canvas’s and some paints. Once the kids are in bed, set up an art station with a platter and some wine and paint or draw each other. It’s a bit of fun and certainly something different!

  6. Like Fine Wine

    Head to your local winery and do a tasting over a nice platter. Better yet, bring your favourite bottle home and it’s a great memory when you open the bottle at a later date.

  7. Board Games

    An in home date night can be just as fun and nostalgic – bust out your favourite board games from when you were younger. Chuck on your favourite play list, and have some fun!

  8. Surprise Outfits

    Head to the shops and choose an outfit for each other to wear out on a dinner date. It’s a great chance to pick something for your partner that you think they’ll look good in, and it’s also nice to see what outfit they choose for you!

  9. Couples Massage

    Nothing is more romantic and relaxing as a couples massage. Be sure to book in advance and enjoy the serenity and intimacy of a couples massage. Finish with a glass of bubbles somewhere special.

  10. Pizza night

    Sometimes getting hands on in the kitchen is the perfect way to spend some time together and keep the date night costs low. Make some fresh pizza bases, and throw together your favourite flavours. Who can make the better pizza?