Celebrant Artistry - Writing with Impact, Speaking with Passion

9:00 AM
3:30 PM

Christchurch Multicultural Recreation and Community Centre, Ground Floor Function room, 455 Hagley Avenue, Christchurch Central City (formerly known as the Christchurch Netball Centre) Canterbury


Join us as our own wonderful Jane Godfrey Celebrant takes us through a hands-on day of learning! Full day tickets available, as well as half day tickets for morning (creative writing) and afternoon (making your voice your superpower).

Join us as our own wonderful Jane Godfrey Celebrant takes us through a hands-on day of learning covering:

  • Elevating your Creative Writing (if you’ve attended this with Jane before, please note this is all NEW content!)
  • Make Your Voice Your Superpower
  • Blast out a Mini-Blog

This interactive workshop is designed to provide a fantastic learning opportunity for new to experienced Celebrants. The content is both marriage and funeral focused throughout the day, with choice built in so you can level up your Celebrant practice! Lunch, morning tea, and afternoon tea are provided.

You can choose to attend:

  • Morning session only which focuses on Creative Writing or;
  • Afternoon session only, which focuses on Making your Voice your Superpower + Social Media activity or;
  • Full-day workshop

(NB: All options include lunch)


BOKs covered:

1.2 Identify and address client needs at all times ensuring respect and confidentiality of the client.

1.4 Consider the design of ceremony including incorporating client needs, defining purpose of ceremony, and consideration of other factors impinging on ceremony.

1.5 Manage the ceremonial environment and deliver ceremony with appropriate presentation skills.

1.6 Understand and respect the boundaries of the role of celebrant but share knowledge about specialist organisations and agencies in the community to which you may refer clients.

1.8 Review celebrant service effectiveness and quality.

3.1 Participate in CANZ Professional Development opportunities.

3.3 Engage in professional learning to improve practice.